Stacy Elko (BFA Kent State, Studio Art Painting, MFA Indiana University) was born in northeastern Ohio. After her undergraduate studies, she joined the Peace Corps, living in Morocco for 10 years. She has taught printmaking at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas since 2005.

Through multimedia, interdisciplinary collaborations, investigations into alternative processes and time-based narratives, Stacy Elko creates artworks that questions the human relationship with their environment. Her recent explorations are in interactive environments.

She has engaged in collaborative installations at the SGCI conference at Columbia University and at Co-Lab, Austin, TX. Exhibited in the invitational collective exhibit, No Danger, located at the Richmond airport and curated by Franco Vecchiet, Italian/Slovenian artist/printmaker and Ed Bernstein, Professor of Printmaking, Indiana University. Most recently, she participated with a member of the TTU School of Music in a video/music collaboration. Her work has been exhibited at UTSA Satellite Space, Blue Star Arts Complex in San Antonio, TX, the Bradley International, and Print Matters in Houston. Recently her collaborative Arts in Medicine team was awarded $100,000 to investigate visual narrative in post stroke aphasia. She was also awarded $3000 in the Scholarship Catalyst Program for Transmedia Interactive Environments, a Gloria Lyerla Library Research Grant, and $30,000 Spring Enrichment Grant.