Fish Bomb Boats






I create the Fish Bomb Boats, an airship based upon marine iconography.  Abstracting the shapes to shift between fish-like forms and boats, I juxtapose fin-like mechanisms, propellers and zeppelin like forms.  They are constructed with flexible cane, handmade paper sealed to the cane and embellished with North African henna iconography.  They engender a mythos that projects fragility of existence with environmental collaboration for survival. In this realm that I envision, water has enveloped most of the livable spaces. Humans will have reached for the skies on airships built from materials available to them on the small half-submerged islands, How would humanity transform its way of living and working to accommodate extreme environmental conditions? Would we continue to dominate and conquer as in the past? Or would we create places to live and collaborate with the environment? My art continues the journey of rebirth through the building of structures that symbolize our ephemeral relationship with the environment and remind us to consider our actions therein.